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Escapes by Globus


Our heritage in Europe touring began more than 88 years ago. Our tried and tested approach has been refined so that we can offer unparalleled opportunities to see and explore the fabled old country in extravagant Globus style. 

In England, you’ll feel a part of the Shakespearean era when you visit his charismatic birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. At Buckingham Palace you will take your modern-day place as part of the long ancestral relationship between King, Queen and country.  Enjoy tea at the Scone Palace in Scotland where Macbeth, Robert the Bruce and Charles the 2nd were crowned or kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland. 

Our France tours don’t just offer an opportunity to visit one of French Renaissances’ legendary Chateaus, you actually get to stay in one! Uncover Holland's capital Amsterdam and sample sumptuous Belgium waffles or some of the world’s finest chocolate whilst on a leisurely bike ride between villages. 

Enjoy an authentic espresso in one of Italy's most picturesque cities and take a day-tour in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cinque Terre that dates back to the 15th century; browse the offerings of German bakeries, breweries and boutiques in Berlin; or experience breathtaking mountain views in Switzerland's alps.

And for something completely different explore the diverse beaches, hills, the lively festivities and culture of Spain, Morocco and Portugal.  

Globus Europe tours ensure you make the most of every available moment leaving no stone un-turned and no alleyway unexplored.